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These quickly and easily in a short time! Continental breakfast free refills.

It is a self-service free refill, such as daily bread, coffee, juice, soup, a simple Continental breakfast.

When you toast it by the toaster, bread will be more delicious.


Has been increased. The daily variety of breads is more than 25 in all!


To be easy to eat to customers who have consecutive stay, We will offer four to five daily rotation about daily bread. Type of bread is now over 25 different kinds.

Two coffee machine are installed!


Extraction of thin soft mouthfeel, available in two patterns of extraction rather deep little. You can choose it freely.
In addition, We will be prepared by the tabletop showcase type refrigerator also juice milk. I am reliable with respect to temperature and surface hygiene!

Some days there is a charge for breakfast.
Please contact us for more information.